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1 May 2000
Giftshop items are not currently available.

Butterfly Display Cage, Plain. The traditional hanging display cage, in ivory or white bridal veiling with satin ribbon hanger, ready to decorate. Instructions included. - $10

Butterfly Display Cage, Decorated - The same cage, embellished with lace, ribbons, beads, and silk flowers to complement your event's colors and theme. - $45 and up

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The Gentle Art of Rearing Butterflies & Moths (Edition 4, February 2000), by Sheri Moreau. Looseleaf notebook format, numerous samples and handouts, seeds, etc.
$75.00 + $5.00 shipping

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Framed Lepidoptera Specimens. Note: Currently, these items are sold out and unavailable. Educational, display butterfly specimens are offered in double-sided rustic barnwood frames, shadowbox wooden frames, clear acrylic frames, and Riker Scientific Mounts. Prices vary depending on framing style and butterfly/moth species desired. We will be happy to custom-design a Lepidoptera display to your personal preferences! Note: Exotic specimens are obtained from native butterfly farms world-wide. North American specimens are natural casualties on our own farm. None of our framed butterflies are wild-caught. Condition of specimens are rated A (perfect, has legs/antennae) or A- (essentially perfect: has antennae; may have small, unobtrusive wear on wing exterior).
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