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Mission & Status of the Butterfly Conservancy

In 1996, the Butterfly Conservancy was founded in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, by Sheri S. Moreau, with the goal of providing educational outreach programs in Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths). In addition, the Conservancy supports and helps fund a variety of Lepidoptera research and educational programs in the United States and developing countries. Outreach and support programs are funded through donations, class fees, and butterfly release events.

Over 1400 individual Western Monarchs were tagged by The Butterfly Conservancy on behalf of The Western Monarch Studies Program in the three migration seasons for 1997, 1998 and 1999. In addition, protozoa spore samples were taken at two different overwintering locations, and Milkweed patch monitoring was done monthly at 3 sites in Monterey and San Louis Obispo counties.

As a result of injuries sustained from multiple accidents in Autumn 1999, the plant nursery and much of the physical assets of the Butterfly Conservancy have been sold or donated, and many activities have been sharply curtailed. Currently, funding is being provided to other agencies to continue butterfly research and studies.

Advisors to The Butterfly Conservancy

Rick Mikula, Hole-in-Hand Butterfly Farm
Dr. David Marriott, Executive Director, The Monarch Program
Bethany Homeyer, Michael's Fluttering Wings Butterfly Ranch
Robert Gendron, The Milkweed Guy
Dr. Abraham Kryger, MD, DMD

Professional Organizations

The Lepidopterists' Society
The International Butterfly Breeders' Association
The Monarch Program, Encinitas, CA

Internet Discussion Groups for Lepidoptera

The Butterfly Farmers List, List Owner Sheri Moreau, Hosted by Topica
The Lepidoptera List, LEPS-L, Yale University
The Monarch List, DPLEX-L, University of Kansas
The Lepidoptera Livestock List, LLL, Oxford, UK
The Entomological Livestock Group, Sheffield, UK

Testimonials about The Butterfly Conservancy

Educational Programs and Rearing Kits
Seminars and Consulting Services
Weddings and Release Events

Butterfly Release Controversy

Butterfly Release events are controversial in some circles. Some people feel that setting a butterfly free is frivolous and perhaps even harmful to nature. We disagree, within certain guidelines. To read more about this controversy, please click here.

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