The Butterfly Conservancy: Educational Kits California Dogface larva in prepupal stage.  Sheri Moreau
Special Notes for Livestock: 

(1) The Butterfly Conservancy will not be able to provide any larvae kits at all in Summer 2000.  PLEASE contact the companies below for
larvae kits for your educational needs:

(2) If you need Painted Lady larvae, please call Insect Lore at 1-800-live-bug. They have a great website and a lot of other types of bugs and creepy crawly critters.

(3) If you are EAST of the Rocky Mountains and want Monarch larvae, please call
The Monarch Watch at 1-800-tagging.

(4) If you are WEST of the Rocky Mountains and want Monarch larvae, please call
The Monarch Program at 1-800-606-6627.

TESTIMONIALS: Here's a sampling from the calls and notes people have sent us regarding their Butterfly Educational Kits!

NOTICE: Interstate/International Shipping Restrictions for Live Insects.
State and Federal regulations apply to all live insect shipments which cross state boundaries, regardless of which company you buy from. In general, only Monarch, Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Buckeye, Gulf Fritillary, and Mourning Cloak butterfly eggs/larvae/pupae can be shipped as rearing kits. Many species will not breed over the winter, as they are in reproductive diapause (essentially hibernation) so the variety of species you can raise during the school year is limited. When ordering a kit, please specify the species you desire, as well as a back-up species. NO reputable company will ship you any butterfly/moth species for which they are do not hold permits to release in your location! When in doubt, e-mail or call them first!!

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