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Basic Lepidoptera Class
This overview of the order Lepidoptera (Butterflies & Moths) features a slide show and hands-on live, preserved, and mounted specimens. All aspects of the butterfly life-cycle (metamorphosis) are covered, including monarch migration, predation and defense mechanisms, and much more! This class can easily be tailored to suit any audience from preschoolers to seniors. $45.

Butterfly Gardening Class
A one-hour survey of the design features crucial to successfully attracting and maintaining butterfly colonies in your garden. Suitable for garden clubs and horticulture classes. Features a slide show, and live specimens of native butterflies and plants. Handouts included. Starter plants and seeds available. $45. *Note: this class can be presented at plant nurseries in conjunction with a tagged butterfly release, with nectar/host plant, seed, and caterpillar sales an added draw for the public. Highly successful in increasing sales!

Butterfly Photography Course
Taught by a professional photographer and photography studio owner, this course features an evening classroom session and a Saturday field-trip to Mariposa de Carmel Butterfly Farm. A gourmet lunch is included. Course is limited to 5 students. $195.

Butterfly Farming Seminar
This day-long seminar is geared for the serious hobbiest, educator, and would-be commercial butterfly farmer. For more information, click here.

TESTIMONIALS: Here's a sampling from the calls and notes people have sent us regarding our Butterfly Farming Seminars. In addition, we have scrapbooks of letters, poems, drawings, and craft projects from children we have been privileged to teach!

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