The Butterfly Conservancy: Testimonials

The butterflies arrived around 10 am, the day before the wedding ceremony, in perfect condition. The decorated cage was exquisite, and my daughter and new son-in-law were thrilled. People are still talking about their wedding butterflies!
Lisa V., mother of the bride, Seattle, WA

The butterflies were great! We will send you the photos as soon as they are developed. They were so easy to handle, and the guests raved about them for days. They flew around the lawns of the country club for hours, and some of our guests (big and small!) decided to see how many they could catch and release total, about 1/4 of the butterflies were re-released! Thank you for making our special day even more special. The butterflies were the main event next to the actual wedding....and our guests were mystified, as were we, at how beautiful and graceful those little creatures can be. They will be special to us forever. Thank you again for all of your efforts to get them to us.
Christina & Peter E., bride & groom, Seattle, WA

I just wanted to tell you how beautiful we thought the butterfly "nest" was that you made for our wedding! The butterflies were alive and well, and getting quite a ride on the ocean breezes as we let them go. A few clung to our fingers, a few landed in the flowers, but it was the most riveting part of the ceremony. We'd conjured up a single page about how butterflies have symbolized love, including Cupid's wife and the Native American legend, and placed this in a frame on the reception table. We incorporated a phrase into our ceremony - "Treat each other as you do these butterflies - hold them gently for support, but not so tight as to smother them. May each one take away with it a burden from your heart and leave an open space for new joys in your marriage." At any rate, the display cage was so pretty - you really went above and beyond, and I wanted to send my kudos to you for your work and special attention. Thank you again!
Holly S., bride, Cal Tech University, CA

Hello, I am sending this as a BIG THANK YOU for a great idea. My husband and I just attended a wedding this past Saturday, (Gina and Scott L.) and the surprise finale was releasing your butterflies. As each person was handed their small envelope, I don't think anyone realized that these were real live butterflies inside! The weather was beautiful and kids and adults alike had great smiles as their butterflies flew away right out of their hands. This truly is a wonderful and unique idea, and will be something that each guest will always remember. Thank you again.
Marie & Greag S., wedding guests, Puyallup, WA

Birthdays/Baby Showers/Bar & Bat Mitzvahs/Valentines:

This is the first time I'd ever heard about this--thank you so so very much for sending the magnificent butterflies! What a wonderful, wonderful presentation and beautifully received by my guests, of course! Thanks also for the extra butterflies--I was so delighted! Everyone got to share their wish... I loved it: they were beautiful treasures and they flew off into a perfect, sun-drenched day. Thank you again so much for making my birthday incredibly special! Ellie M., 60th birthday celebrant, San Rafael, CA

We hand-fed the butterflies for two days in the gorgeous Valentine decorated cage, then released them in the garden, where to our surprise and pleasure, they stayed for over a week. Thanks for a wonderful treat!
Geena D., actress, Hollywood, CA


“At the memorial service, we released the butterflies and played the music you suggested...there was not a dry eye in the congregation. One butterfly wouldn’t leave, so after the burial we recaptured it and took it home and released it in Mom’s garden...your ministry is greatly needed.”
Renée S., daughter, Bend, OR

“It was very warm, and the butterflies kind of circled the gathered mourners, then they took off toward the sunset. My daughter said, ‘Just like Dad: always in a hurry to see what happens next.’ We laughed through our tears...”
Kishie B., wife, San Diego, CA

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